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One of the top emerging Pharma companies of India and valued over half a million INR in 2022, Ponoogun Healthcare is a new century, dynamic company established in the year 2021 in Delhi. ‘Ponoogun’ was crafted with a commitment to bring ‘Transformation’ in the healthcare sector and in the lives of the patients. With an inclination for ‘out-of-the box’ solutions, we have been offering innovative and new age solutions for a range of chronic disease management in India and 10 other states of the India. A belief in our vision has helped us to brace our calling of becoming something more from yesterday, making Ponoogun the fastest growing company in amongst the top 200 pharma companies of India. The major segments that we cater to are Nephrology, Neurological Disorders, Critical Care, Gynaecology, Ortho, Gastroenterology, Urology, Respiratory and Cardio Metabolic. As a young age corporate, we believe in an active and growing culture that has helped us put the company at such high pedestal in short amount of time. We retain a specialty marketing process in the Indian pharma industry through our structure of customer-dedicated marketing teams and comprehensive product portfolios.

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For People and their Health

At Ponoogun Healthcare, we believe health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of immense vitality. It is our mission to help you feel better, live longer, and become the best possible you!

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We are working with innovations and hard work that goes into creating life-changing medications. To build a better professional and consumer confidence. We have quality team in our organisation that is responsible for implementing and managing our quality system and remain compliant with the standards.

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We Provide Various Divisions of Products


Ponoogun Healthcare's journey began in 2021 with the chronic therapeutic segment of Nephrology.We were the first company to foray into this domain with a focus on early stage Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients.

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The world faces a new challenge of various lifestyle conditions that have been on an alarming rise. Gastric and Liver ailments are few such concerns whose numbers have seen a drastic upsurge in recent years. Ponoogun addresses the most occuring and epidemic disorders

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Cardio Metabolic

Cardio-Metabolic conditions like Hypertension and Diabetes are one of the most chronic ailments that we face today. Ponoogun's Cardio Metabolic division offers a dedicated product line and team addressing these diseases

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Widening our vision to address the chronic disease management, we also stepped into the therapeutic segment of Neurology. We have developed a complete basket of solutions focusing on all conditions. The division has created a well-established place in the market

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Critical Care

Ponoogun has always had a focus on chronic disease management. Critical care was yet another such venture for Ponoogun. We have been serving ICUs, CCus and Trauma centers across India with ourgamut of high quality Anti-infective.

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A majority of the world population including India’s, is severely affected by some form of respiratory disease. It is imperative to understand the sensitivity of this burden and address it with coherence. Ponoogun addresses the medical gap in the management of this therapy with an absolute product basket addressing disorders

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We're Fastest Emerging Healthcare Company

We at Ponoogun Healthcare have vision to provide utmost support to our customer for achieving better and healthy life. We are working hard and smart To do this, we understand customers' current behaviors as well as the motivation driving this behavior. Knowing our customers allows us to better tailor or individualize our approach to each one.

Call Us: +91 11-46543672

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